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You have been directed to this page because you have shown an interest in having GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES represent you on your boat purchase. Thank you! Maybe you've contacted us because we are one of the very few Yacht & Ship Brokerage Firms in the world that has our Yacht Broker's Licenses published right on line so that you know you are dealing with a legitimate Yacht Brokerage Firm. Or because you reviewed our Happy Customer / Credentials Page, or because you're aware of how time consuming it can be to find the best valued boat that will work for you needs. What's important is that you found GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES, a Yacht & Ship Brokerage firm with over eighteen years of experience in representing boat buyers and sellers world-wide.

Shown below is our standard Closing Costs for a boat purchase. Our Admin Fee (preparation of all closing documents) is among the lowest in the business and we take great pride in knowing that all of our closing docs are processed with the upmost accuracy and efficiency. If you use GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES to represent you in your boat purchase, you can save $295.00 by paying our Admin Fee in advance. Then at closing on your boat purchase, GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES will then credit 100% of your Admin Fee, so on your Buyer's Closing Statement the $295.00 admin fee will reflect $0.00 in the Admin Fee section. Why go this route?

  • Out of the hundreds of boat buyers that we assist on any given day, you are put at the top of our client priority list!

  • GGBS will conduct daily searches for new listings that match your criteria you sent to us via our FIND A BOAT page.

  • GGBS will contact fellow brokers to see if they have any Pocket Listings (boats not on the market yet) that may work for needs.

  • GGBS will use our expertise to find out how motivated the owner is to get a better grasp on his bottom line sale price number.

  • GGBS will ask ALL of the very important preliminary questions about the boat that will save you a lot of time and money!

  • GGBS will assist you in coordinating showings; boat financing (if needed); contracted offers; finding marine surveyors; closing; and delivery.

    Questions & Answers on our SAVE $295.00 Offer

    QUESTION: Why is GGBS (GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES) willing to waive their $295.00 Admin Fee off of my closing costs?

    ANSWER: Because when a boat buyer goes this route, we know that the buyer is totally serious about making a boat purchase and not someone that is just courious about certain makes and models of boats and is not just a "prop-spinner" or has other intentions. The man hours it takes GGBS to locate and research the best valued boats for our clients far outweighs $295.00 and time is money!

    QUESTION: If I locate a boat on my own that I would like GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES to check into for me, what should I do?

    ANSWER: Simply email us the link to the boat or seller's telephone number and we'll take it from there. Note that if you call the seller (Owner or Broker) directly they may then elect not permit GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES to represent you on the sale since you have already contacted them. If you do contact another brokerage to inquire on a boat, it's important to let the seller know that GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES is your broker and will be representing you on your purchase.

    QUESTION: How long is this SAVE $295.00 Offer valid for?

    ANSWER: GGBS will honor this offer until you have closed on your boat purchase with GGBS.

    QUESTION: If I do not make my boat purchase through GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES (Having GGBS represent me on my boat purchase) is my $295.00 refundable?

    ANSWER: No.

    QUESTION: If I already have a boat under contract with GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES or already submitted an offer to purchase a boat through GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES, is this SAVE $295.00 Offer valid for me?

    ANSWER: No. This offer is for boat buyers that are in the initial stage of their boat search and have recenty inquired through our FIND A BOAT page.

    QUESTION: What is the difference if I pay the GGBS Admin Fee now instead of later?

    ANSWER: Aside from all of the above, if you pay the GGBS Admin Fee now 100% of our Admin Fee will be reflected as $0.00 on your Buyer's Closing Statement. If you pay it later, the $295.00 admin fee will be charged on your Closing Statement and you will not receive the extra special attention outlined above. In short, pay now and you get it back as a full credit on your Buyer's Closing Statement resulting in a savings of $295.00. Pay it later and and you don't get it back.

    QUESTION: I want to save $295.00 on my Closing Costs on my boat purchase and elect to use GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES to represent me on my Boat Purchase, what do I do next?

    ANSWER: Simply click on the Secure PayPal Graphic below to process your payment. By submitting your $295.00 payment you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an acknowledgement that your GGBS Admin Fees at $295.00 will be waived on your GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES Buyer's Closing Statement.


    To calculate the total cost of your boat purchase for Florida Boat Purchases made through GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES, simply add the purchase price of your boat, Six Percent (6%) Florida State Sales Tax, Florida Surtax (if any) normally ranging from $25.00 to $75.00 depending on the county you reside in Florida, and our flat rate $295.00 Administration Fee for the preparation of all of your necessary closing documents. Adding these figures together will give you your grand total boat purchase amount. All transactions for boat purchases with GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES must be done by Bank Wire Transfer only including your initial deposit.

    EXAMPLE: Boat: $100,000.00 Sales Tax: $6,000.00 Surtax: $50.00 Admin Fee: $295.00 TOTAL BOAT PURCHASE COST: $106,345.00

    At closing, The PHOTOSTIX® Corporation d/b/a GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES will provide you with the following; Notarized USCG Bill of Sale from the Owner of the Vessel showing you as the Purchaser; Notarized Warranty of Title from the Owner of the Vessel to you; Dealer Signed DR41C Sales Tax Statement (that shows that you paid and GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES collected all of the necessary Florida Sales Tax(s) for your boat purchase); Fully Executed Vessel Title (or Copy of the USCG Vessel Document attached to the Notarized USCG Bill of Sale if the vessel is USCG Documented Vessel instead of a Florida Titled Vessel); Fully executed (by GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES & BUYER) Detailed BUYER'S CLOSING STATEMENT; and Detailed Instruction Sheet for your getting the boat re-titled and re-registered into your name at your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Consult your local DMV for their exact re-registration fees as most charge by the length of the vessel. For example, an 18' to 25' boat may be around $40.00 whereas a 26' to a 39' boat might be around $105.00 for re-registration on Florida Boats being re-registered in the State of Florida.

    For Out of State Boat Purchases whereas the vessel is not located in the State of Florida; the Buyer does not reside or own any property in the State of Florida; the Buyer does not own (or is a part of) a business in the State of Florida; The vessel is not Titled, Registered or Documented in the State of Florida, GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES will not collect Sales Tax for that vessel purchase. The Buyer will be required to sign a Sales Tax Affidavit at closing acknowledging that he/she will be responsible for full payment of any and all applicable Sales Tax(s) due (if any) which he/she would be required to pay to the State, County, or Country where the vessel will reside upon re-titling, re-registering and/or re-documenting the vessel.

    Note that for the sale of boats that are USCG Documented Vessels, we will connect you with a professional USCG Documentation Service and they will first give you a quotation and (if you hire them) charge you directly for their Re-Documentation Services. Although their USCG Re-Documentation Service Fees normally range from around $400.00 to $600.00 we highly suggest that you hire a professional to get the Re-Documentation process done properly! GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES will work directly with your USCG Documentation Agent to help make sure every thing is done accurately and in a timely manner.

    For Boat Purchases that require a Loan Payoff in order to get Clear Florida Title on the vessel, GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES does not charge extra for this service on boats that are purchased through GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at anytime. We're here to help make sure that your boat buying experience is plesant and hassle free. It's our goal to see you end up on our HAPPY CUSTOMER page.

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